A Step Towards Healthy Living

In a land of hope, my mind was wandering here and there to find peace and comfort. It came across someone who promised to show the doors of peace and comfort. But it said that you have to help your body to get help from it. My body though tired decided to join hands with the mind. They both realized that they have to start appreciating each other and start caring for each other. Then only things will be fine. They slowly and steadily started to revive me. My mind helped my body to go for morning walks. My mind encouraged my body to start meditation and yoga. It also instructed my body to slow down when required. I started enjoying raw veggies and different combinations of fruits. I started fasting once a week to detoxify my body. In the course of time; my mind realized that it was feeling energized and was ready to take on the world again. My body had started to help my mind to explore new avenues. Slowly I started recognizing the harmony of my mind and the body.  Let us start from today to find balance between our mind and our body, and then only we would be able to enjoy and appreciate this human life.

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Ruchi Nagpal

Ruchi Nagpal

Ruchi Nagpal holds a post-graduate degree from IIT Delhi. She has seven years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. Reading and writing are her wings to explore the unknown and achieve her own satisfaction.