Primary Health Centres to be upgraded with the support of NHM

To encourage States to tone up the public health system, the Indian  Government is providing incentives to States based on functionality achieved by various public health facilities including District Hospitals, Community Health Centres, Primary Health Centres etc.

Grading of the facilities will also be done based on indicators including availability of health Human Resource (HR), basic diagnostics and  medicines for the patients. 

Public Health facilities, including PHCs are regularly monitored and evaluated through Health Management Information System (HMIS). Further, Common Review Missions (CRMs) also undertake a review of National Health Mission (NHM) annually, that inter-alia includes review of functioning of PHCs. 

Public health and hospitals is a State subject.  However, under NHM, technical and financial support is provided to States/UTs to strengthen their health facilities, including PHCs, as per Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS).

This includes support for engagement of health HR, drugs and equipment, infrastructure, diagnostics, MIS systems etc.

This support is provided based on the requirement proposed by the States/UTs in their Programme Implementation Plans.

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